LOCH NESS  The Rev Theater Company   Book and Lyrics by A.D. Penedo, Music by Marshall Pailet   Directed by Marshall Pailet   Choreography by Misha Shields

"The production includes creative ensemble storytelling and intriguing puppetry, beautifully choreographed by Misha Shields...[her choreography] helps the monster come to life in the most innovative way...The Rev Theatre Company's production of Loch Ness, A New Musical is one of the most creative, unique, and chilling musicals I have seen in a long time. The production is fresh, new, and exciting. It is a visionary and artistic masterpiece."

- Broadway World, Natasha Ashley (LOCH NESS, The Rev)

"All the stops have been pulled out to bring “Loch Ness” to life, and the efforts of the production team are breathtaking. Choreographer Misha Shields articulates Nessie the monster with ensemble members tumbling and contorting to mimic the undulations of an underwater creature."

-, Linda Lowen (LOCH NESS, The Rev)

ONCE  Bucks County Playhouse   Book by Edna Walsh, Music & Lyrics by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglová   Directed by Travis Greisler   Choreography by Misha Shields

photos by Joan Marcus

"Mr. Greisler's staging and Misha Shields's choreography are woven together so tightly and imaginatively that you can't be sure at any given moment who did what."
- Wall Street Journal, Terry Teachout (ONCE, Buck's County Playhouse)

"With the abundant help of choreographer Misha Shields and a company whose individual and choral voices are angelic, Greisler creates marvelous musical sequences in which Shields’ geometric patterning is often as exciting as the singing is lovely or spirited in proper turns."
-  Princeton Info, Neal Zoren (ONCE, Bucks County Playhouse)

"Misha Shields contemporary choreography is lovely."
- phindie, Joshua Herren (ONCE, Buck's County Playhouse)

"Exuberantly directed by Travis Greisler and choreographed by Misha Shields..."
- Out In Jersey, Allen Neuner (ONCE, Bucks County Playhouse)

WITCH  Huntington Theatre Company   A play by Jennifer Silverman   Directed by Rebecca Bradshaw   Choreography by Misha Shields

Photos of actor, Nick Sulfur in WITCH 

photos by T Charles Erickson, courtesy of The Huntington

"...a wordless scene that is unsettling in all the right ways, a sequence of fiercely tormented Morris dancing (choreography is by Misha Shields) that occurs in the immediate aftermath of a major plot development and registers as a wrenchingly physical expression of conflicting emotions. It’s the single most powerful scene in “Witch,” and, as it happens, it involves one of the four supporting characters."

- The Boston Globe, Don Aucoin, (WITCH, The Huntington Theatre)

YERMA  Huntington Theatre Company   Adapted & Translated by Melinda Lopez   Directed by Melia Bensussen   Choreography by Misha Shields

BAGHDADDY   St. Luke's Theater   Book & Lyrics by A.D. Penedo, Music & Lyrics by Marshall Pailet   Directed by Marshall Pailet   Choreography by Misha Shields

“Misha Shields’ smart choreography expertly brings to life the story within the genre of musical comedy. Her work paired with Pailet’s direction creates a wildly imaginative in-the-round experience. The creative use of simple effects (flashlights, baby powder, rope and pulley, etc.) are profoundly effective and a refreshing success that at times rivals even some of the most technical shows on Broadway.“

- Theater Is Easy, Michael Hartung (Who's Your Baghdaddy?, Actor's Temple)

“The show is also directed by Marshall Pailet, with musical direction by Rona Siddiqui and choreography by Misha Shields. All of these names are the new up and coming talents of musical theatre and breath new life into this form...Misha Shields’ choreography is simple. Like Andy Blankenbuehler’s choreography, you want to learn it and incorporate it into your movements. Pailet’s direction takes a small space and together with Ms. Shields creates something so unique with the simplest of props.”

-  Time Square Chronicles, Suzanna Bowling (Who's Your Baghdaddy?, Actor's Temple)

"The use of body slaps, stomps, and other bodily percussive elements-no doubt added by Misha Shields choreography-gives the music an urgency and impact that is powerfully stirring as well."

-  Broadway World, David Clarke (Who's Your Baghdaddy?, Actor's Temple)

"...the movement of the piece was sharp and Misha Shields’ choreography utilized the space well. While the playing area may have been tight, Shields’ made it feel grand.”

-  Theater In The Now, Michael Block (Who's Your Baghdaddy?, Actor's Temple)

"The choreography, done by Misha Shields, was extremely fun to watch...showed a lot of skill."

-  The Knockturnal, Vinesh Vora (Who's Your Baghdaddy, Actor's Temple)

THE ORION EXPERIENCE  Off-Broadway's Immersive Rock Musical    Directed by Travis Greisler   Choreography & Aerial Circus by Misha Shields

photo credit: Misha Shields

"...the choreography/acrobatics are mesmerizing."

- Gayletter, Andy Patrick (The Orion Experience, XL Nightclub)

WONDERLAND  Atlantic Theatre Company   Written by Rachel Rockwell & Michael Mahler   Directed by Marshall Pailet   Choreography by Misha Shields

I WAS MOST ALIVE WITH YOU   Huntington Theatre Company   Written & Directed by Craig Lucas   Movement by Misha Shields

photo credit: T. Charles Erikson

SPELLING BEE  Astoria Performing Arts Center   Music and Lyrics by William Finn, Book by Rachel Sheinkin   Directed by Dev Bondarin   Choreography by Misha Shields

Astoria Performing Arts Center's production of Spelling Bee, Directed by Dev Bondarin and Choreographed by Misha Shields

ROCKY HORROR  Yale DRAMAT    Written by Richard O'Brien   Directed by Travis Greisler   Choreography by Misha Shields

Yale Dramat production of Rocky Horror, Directed by Tarvis Greisler and Choreographed by Misha Shields

photo credit: Misha Shields & Elizabeth Miles

WE'RE GONNA DIE  Company One Theater @ A.R.T.'s Oberon Theatre    By Young Jean Lee   Directed by Shawn LaCount   Choreography by Misha Shields

Company One's production of We're Gonna Die at A.R.T. Oberon

FOLLIES Theater Works (AZ)   By Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman   Directed by Phillip Fazio   Choreography and Aerial Circus by Misha Shields

photo credit: Alastair Gamble & Misha Shields

"...Misha Shields’ energetic choreography bursts with imagination – characters interlock with their younger selves – and excitement, particularly in The Story of Lucy and Jessie where the urge to grab your own top hat and cane and join the male ensemble up on stage may prove for some too hard to restrain."  

                                                                                   - Valley Screen and Stage: David Appleford's Film and Theater Review (Follies, Theater Works)

"Misha Shields Choreography is second to none."

                                                                                                                                                        - Valley Stages, Eland Relic (Follies, Theater Works)

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN.  Company One Theatre   Written by Alice Birch   Directed by Summer L. Williams   Movement by Misha Shields

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG  Astoria Performing Arts Center   By Stephen Sondheim and George Furth   Directed by Dev Bondarin  Choreography by Misha Shields